Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Performance Improvement Process Gets Results

Reduce, Improve, Simplify, Eliminate (RISE).  This is the criteria used when the PIT Crew (Performance Improvement Team) considers submissions for performance improvement.  In 2014, managers were required to generate ideas that incorporate the RISE technique and the result was 18 submissions, 7 of those being generated during brainstorming sessions.

Some examples of those submissions include:
  • West Virginia used flex time (4 – 10-hour days) to reduce overtime by 39%.
  • The gas plant moved turnaround up three months when the Martha refinery unexpectedly shut down for 30+ days to avoid further production loss.
  • Field offices replaced ATVs with newer, safer models.
  • We built treated wood steps by the Altela meter in Clarion, PA to improve footing at the meter site.
The system is working, so keep those submissions coming! 

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